About Arnasa

The name Arnasa means “breath” — and that is truly where healing and new life begins.

With the struggles that we all face every day, and with the incredibly unrealistic expectations society has thrust upon us, it is easy to feel lost and disconnected from who we really are. Our lives are expected to fit this cookie-cutter mold, and if we don’t conform to the way things are “supposed” to be, we feel ashamed, out of control, and hopeless. At Arnasa, our mission is to help you push out the self-doubt, the anxiety, the stress, and the depression, and replace it with a deeper and stronger connection to your true self.

How do we do this? By providing you with 100% pure essential oils, breathing techniques, and a variety of other tools that you can use as part of your daily routine. This combination of natural products and powerful healing modalities can help you experience greater emotional, mental, and physical freedom, enabling you to discover your highest self and truly see the light that you are.

Welcome to Arnasa

A Little Bit about Our Founders

Hi, I am Phoenix Vincent! I created Arnasa with my husband, Michael, with the sole purpose of helping women and men restore a greater and deeper connection to who they really are inside. One of the ways you can restore this connection by learning how to breathe properly. However, because there aren’t many reliable sources on how to practice proper breathing,  we started researching the power of mindful breathing and how its powers are amplified when combined with essential oils and other healing modalities. This led to the creation of Arnasa. We founded Arnasa with a goal of providing a safe and welcoming space for everyone to not only deepen the connection with themselves, but to find and build relationships with others who are on the same journey.

As a personal wellness mentor, I have worked with so many people that are not able to live the life they deserve because our lifestyles and culture have conditioned them into a chronic state of anxiety or depression. With Arnasa, we are here to help you break this cultural condition and give light to who you truly are.